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It’s a boy!

May 4, 2013

No pictures necessary…..

Officially, it’s now a “herd”

May 3, 2013




Spring contests are here!

April 18, 2013

Name that baby! Also up for top honors is the “guess the date” contest of Rory’s new baby’s birthday. Contact with baby names and birthday guesses.


Hold still while I eat you.

Winter blizzard… No worries!

December 20, 2012

Winter Weather
Draco Pounding Midwest, Northeast Next
Chris Dolce, Jon Erdman, Nick Wiltgen Published: Dec 20, 2012, 0:18 PM EST

All the stalls are full, and the rest of the herd is running around the arena. No ones shivery, but they are all dirty from rolling around in the dirt.


New residents

June 2, 2012

I was feeding and saw this little poof of red in the pasture. This one was dozing in the sun. Not always wanted, even though this is an extra dose of cute. Might even have get a dog.



80 degrees and the horses are still fuzzy

March 17, 2012


It’s fairly nice out

March 17, 2012

It’s pretty nice out. Love the green grass. Horses seem happy about it too.



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